Heart Failure

This heart failure clinical study is to further evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new therapy for patients > 60 years old with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Similar to Valsartan, this medication is taken at the onset of heart failure and meant as a preventative therapy to preserve ejection fraction, or how much blood the heart can move forward with each beat. Unlike currently available therapies, it is thought that this new combination medication may also better preserve cognitive function, or brain and thinking-related activities, as well.

Enrollment Period:

  • Ends December 2017

Study Timeline:

  • Approximately 3 years

Number of Visits:

  • 5 initial office visits in the first 6 months
  • After 6 months, alternating clinic and telephone contact visits will occur every 3 months until trials ends

About the study and medication:

  • They key features of this study are meant to complement an ongoing outcome study comparing the same doses, patient populations, and drugs in reducing cardiovascular deaths and heart failure hospitalizations. This study’s unique combination  medication has already been shown superior on these measures.
    • The primary endpoint of this study is change in cognition, which is assessed as change from baseline over 3 years
    • Participants will undergo baseline and interval PET brain imaging
  • The new therapy being investigated has a unique mode of action in which beneficial naturally-occurring molecules are able to avoid degradation
    •  Allowing these molecules to stay active within the body for longer periods of time maximized beneficial effects on blood vessels
    • These molecules also have the ability to degrade amyloid beta, which is commonly found in higher levels in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients
    • This study aims to confirm that the new combination medication is effective in reducing cardiovascular deaths and heart failure hospitalizations and preserving cognitive function, is superior to standard therapy, and is safe for widespread general consumption